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Dear people you like to complain about how rule one is ‘the Doctor lies’ even though it’s been previously as being ‘don’t wander off’:

This is the Doctor we’re talking about. Do you really think he’s gonna care about numbering? Come on, he totally makes those numbers up on the fly. And that’s very obviously something he’d totally do. And those are his two most important rules, he might as well make them both rule one.


Somebody who’s really tired of hearing… whatever you want to call that idea. Argument’s to strong, I think.


"I hate lists."

-The Doctor (Waters of Mars)

Are there really examples of people complaining about the numbering of the rules?

Whenever I’ve seen posts from people who don’t like “Rule 1: The Doctor lies”, what they’re complaining about is the idea that it’s normal and expected for the Doctor to lie to his companions.  That he can’t be trusted to level with them, because he (supposedly) always knows better than they do.  This is an attribute of Eleven’s which earlier Doctors didn’t have.  Yes, they might lie or withhold information from companions, but generally the companions and/or the story line called them out for it.

Anyone else want to take this for me?

It’s not a rule that the Doctor laid out for himself. It was something that River Song stated. It was her rule for coping with the Doctor’s behavior. I am not sure where the idea that she does not call him out for his behavior, when she is given the monologue in A Good Man Goes to War about how all of his past choices have led to that moment and that heartbreak.

It’s not like he isn’t called out for lying. Vastra warns Clara about the fact that he will keep things from her, and Clara yells at him herself when she finds out he’s keeping secrets. Just because they don’t leave him doesn’t mean they approve of his every action (Vastra literally says that in The Snowmen).

And yes, one of those “don’t you think he looks tired” posts from the person who started the petition on change.org did a post comparing the two lines and using it as an example of why Moffat needs to be fired. Right here

Yes, that post you linked to compares the two rules. But it objects to the *meaning* of “the Doctor lies”. It objects to the very existence of “the Doctor lies” as a rule, not the number it’s assigned.

The OP started this post by saying you like to complain about how rule one is ‘the Doctor lies’ even though it’s been previously [stated] as being ‘don’t wander off’:

Really, it’s not the numbering that’s the problem.

Also, certain characters may complain about the Doctor lying, but the Doctor doesn’t stop lying, and he doesn’t ever suffer for it. Within the narrative, lying is the right thing for him to do, and accepting it is the right thing for the companions to do.  This bothers me.

I’m just gonna a stop your little ‘moral goodness’ debate and tell you to gain some perspective.

If you think lying is bad, well then, good for you! However, your high morality is not the base for everyone, and some people/characters just have more moral grey areas. I for one find lying to be a useful tool and that it is in fact sometimes the right thing to do. 

In the Doctor Who narrative, the companions will except that he lied to them if he did so for a good reason, but will call him out for lying for more selfish reasons. And sometimes, though not often, the companions will lie to him as well. Best example of this would be in the Impossible Astronaut.

And yes, my original post was simply about the numbering. You made it about the one rule when you referred to that rule only, questioning morality of it and acting as if is a only a trademark of Eleven, also claiming that he doesn’t get called out. The second bit has been called out already and I’m just going to think of it as an honest mistake on your part. The bit about morality, however, is your personal opinion and you are at all liberties to keep it and I can only ask that you try to open your mind more to try and see past strict moral codes and to avoid applying your moral opinions to posts that don’t directly involve morality in the future as I had no wish to start a moral debate with this post and am quite certain that others creating similar posts would not either.

(And, yes, that one post linked is referring to the numbering, not the morality. That person definitely does not care about morals. She only cares about Mr. Moffat sacked for whatever reason.)

There are also definite narrative consequences to the Doctor lying in Moffat-era. Series 6 plays out the way it does in part because the Doctor didn’t tell Amy or Rory about his concerns (the other part also a consequence of his actions). If the Doctor had told Clara what he thought she was, he would have found out that she really was an ordinary person and spared them all the trouble.

The Doctor is a grey-moral character. He has been ever since he kidnapped two school teachers for being concerned about the welfare of a child. This isn’t the show with a moral lead character and Moffat choosing to continue that part of his characterization is not a sign of a problem.

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Tom Hiddleston | Olivier Awards 2014

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Still the most amazing opening credits ever.


Still the most amazing opening credits ever.

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