Emmett Scanlan and his cats, Pancake and Star Lord  [x] [x]

Interviewer: David, in a couple of years when Steven Moffat calls you up and says “We’ve got this Five Doctors thing that we want to do”, can we presume that you’ll be back? (x)


Kieren Walker + S1E3




#*dies of emotion* #but what if molly was his companion once #and now he stops by for breakfast #and keeps commenting because it seems like every time #there’s another ginger kid #adn when he sees harry it’s like ha! #i knew they couldn’t all be ginger! #and molly doesn’t bother telling the doctor that harry isn’t hers #because he is after all one of her boys #and she loves him just as though he was a weasley (via dwcompanion)

those tags broke me a little inside 

#Molly Weasley turned Daleks into actual pepperpots, because, honestly, she doesn’t have time for their nonsense.


#I always think anyone who says eleven’s behavior is never addressed #is not paying any attention #I cannot take you seriously if you claim that #he gets called out on it every few episodes #remember river’s speech #and this scene #and when rory tells him he doesn’t want to be like him #or when madam kovarian is fighting this whole war against him because they think he is the bad guy #she calls melody hope #or when the daleks say they grew stronger in fear of him #or when all his enemies lock him in a box because they think he will destroy the universe #he is the most feared being in the universe #what show were you watching where he wasn’t constantly being called out on his behavior #that was the whole point of his character arc #he got too dark #hat was the whole freakin point… he was this man acting goofy and young to hide the old terrifying man he really was (via aflawedfashion)

Clara Oswald + Being Cute


Because we all need more squish-faced Kieren in our lives


Because we all need more squish-faced Kieren in our lives

now please consider Kieren Walker:


  • looking at Simon and getting butterflies
  • trying not to look at Simon Monroe because he doesn’t want to risk getting butterflies
  • thinking about kissing him
  • kissing him whenever he can 
  • being amazed by Simon
  • trusting Simon
  • thinking he can feel his heart race when Simon touches him
  • trying not to cry when Simon says ‘then there’s you’
  • being amazed that Simoncares for him so much
  • being angry at Simon because he wasn’t there and he needed him and wanted him and damn it Simon
  • being amazed and feeling blessed and wonderful, because Simon is willing to give up his entire belief system, because Kieren IS more important
  • being so stunned and feeling guilty and horrible and loved and wonderful because Simon took a bullet for him
  • knowing Simon loves him
  • loving Simon so much
  • loving him forever
  • loving him